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3doo does support VR 360, 3D VR 360, 4K and 4K 3D


We make it easy!

1. Start by uploading your master file.
2. While your content is uploading and processing you can edit all meta data you need.
3. Upload a cover image and target your media to countries of your choice.
4. Set up your revenue stream by choosing a rental price for your video.
5. Leave all the rest to us!


Availability is everything!

3doo prides itself on being available on the widest variety of smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs of most major global brands:
Acer, Amazon, asus, Changhong, Google, Haier, Hisense, HTC, Huawei, Hyundai, Ikea, intel, Lenovo, LGE, Loewe, motorola, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Skyworth, Sony, TCL, Texas Instruments Inc, Thomson, Vestel, Vodafone, Xiaomi, ZTE


Why 3doo?

Reach media consumers as never before! Distribute your content worldwide on the one and only media streaming platform available on the greatest variety of mobile and home entertainment devices. Reach entirely new target demos with 3doo's easy-to-use social sharing capabilities. The 3doo team has over five years of advanced media development experience. Satisfaction is guaranteed!