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With glasses-free devices on the horizon, 3doo celebrates the immersive 3D experience and continues to offer high-quality content on our global VOD platform. The 3doo app is pre-installed on millions of Smart TVs and supports the greatest variety of 3D active devices of any platform in the world.

3doo proudly supports leading glasses-free devices such as “Exceptional3D” and mobile devices from “JS Digitech.” 3doo continues to scan the universe of 3D content to ensure that we are available on all glasses-free devices as they hit the market.

Enjoy a fantastic new 3D experience by watching all 3D movies on Google Cardboards with the 3doo mobile app, downloadable for free from the Google Play Store. Please check your device for the availability of the 3doo app pre-installed or in the Google Play Store.

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