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Why VR Capture

VR 360 is quickly becoming the best way to relive any experience, we make it easy to offer the consumer a souvenir they can cherish forever.
Easily shareable with friends and family!
Our VR Captures can be viewed on any smart device such as mobiles and TVs.


What is VR Capture?

VR Capture is a VR 360 video recording of your clients once in a lifetime experience. The video data is stitched and will contain an intro with your event details and company information. VR Captures can be enjoyed with and without a VR Headset. Videos are ready for streaming from the 3doo platform for all smart devices. The VR Capture data is prepared to share and relive it easily with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Linkedin.

VR Devices. (Smartphone, Smart TV, Gear VR, Tablet, PC/Notebook)

How it works

1. Register with 3doo as a VR Capture Partner
2. Get your VR Capture vouchers form 3doo
3. Participant(s) sign up with 3doo App
at event location.
4. Upload the raw VRmovie data to 3doo.
5. The rest is up to us!


Your Benefit

Improve your service by adding the perfect and enduring complementary product.
Reach completely new target groups by automated advertising and sharing through social media! We make sure that your services are easily accessible to anyone who watches the experience. Be part of the global 3doo infrastructure with 5 years of development for streaming of advanced media such as 3D, 4K and VR 360. Global reach in over 180 countries on millions of devices. Reliable Starter package allows you to take off right away. Sign Up and upgrade to an Event Manager for free!

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